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Algogo E-Store is a pioneering online consumer electronics store and today is one of the fastest growing companies on the Internet which majors in exporting various kinds of products such as computer-related products, cell phones, video games, high-tech gear, car electronics and digital consumer products!

We have been involved in the industry for many years operating wholesale or retail trading with a considerable customer base from all over the world.  Our staff is a highly-trained and professional group, and we are dedicated to selling products with customer-centric principles: top quality, favorable pricing, prompt delivery and the best after-sale and personalized service in the present market. Our company is dedicated to a customer-centric corporate culture, revising technology and business processes, and ever-upgrading our product structure around recognition of customer differences and market demands.  
The headquarters of our company are located in Hong Kong, and we have been doing business in the spirit of mutual respect, trust and integrity. We have obtained their highest power seller and customer service status in less than 2 years. Every customer purchasing from us not only gets the value of the product itself, but also enjoys additional value-added products and services. You — the customer — are our most valuable asset. So what is important to you is important to Algogo. Over 99% of our customers have been satisfied and give us high praise and positive comments! This is because we can provide the ability for our customers to customize the content they receive, and when and how they receive it when visiting our website using hyperlinks.

We ship worldwide by Hong Kong Post, TNT, EMS Express or DHL and the majority of our customers come from United States, Japan, Europe and Australia. We take it as our company’s all-time purpose and binding principle: Service takes priority over everything else. Our customer /clients have most important in all our concerns! Because we always to remember that an overall Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plan and process play an important part in our organizational development!

Thanks again for visiting Algogo.com! Happy shopping!