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Help & FAQ


General FAQ


  1. Do I have to pay Import Tax?

    We don't charge tax. However, we will declare very low value for the custom such that you won't pay much tax
  2. How to become a Wholesale Buyer (WB)?

    On the behalf of our management team, we would like to thank for your interest to become our Wholesaler! Everybody can be a WB when they have a one-time order that have minimum order quantity of 10. You will enjoy a special rate/discount for all items. Please email us at sales@algogo.com for a quotation!
  3. What happens if one of the products I ordered is out of stock?

    Once your order has been placed, if one of the products you ordered is temporarily out of stock, we will be unable to process the rest of your order. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will send you an e-mail message to notify you of an out-of-stock item as soon as possible. There are 3 ways you can choose:
    • If you still want to buy the remaining items, we will ask you to re-order them separately.
    • If you are willing to wait for the items, we will inform you the approximate in-stock date, we will send the items asap whenever the item is replenished.
    • If you don't want to wait, we can offer you full refund.
  4. How do I know all the products you sell on the website?

    It is easy , you may use the browse on the left panel to search what you want.
  5. What if I'm not home when my purchase arrives?

    A signature is required for most deliveries. After the unsuccessful attempt, your order will be returned to us automatically.
  6. What if I have a question about my order?

    Please send your email to sales@algogo.com for help, or add our MSN: sales@buying-sources.com.
  7. Can I change the amounts of the Invoice to avoid the high tax?

    Yes, if you want to change the amounts of the invoice to avoid the Customs,please email us to note the problem, we will help you to remake a invoice document. Normally, we would declare low value based on our practice.
  8. What if I can't find what I am looking for?

    If you don't see a product you're looking for, please let us know ,we will do our best to track it down for you. If there is service you'd like to see on our Web site, we'd like to hear about that, too. The more we know, the more we can do for you.
  9. How do I get a final paid invoice (receipt) for a purchase?

    While we ship all orders with a packing slip that describes the contents of the shipment.
  10. How are my shipping cost calculated?

    Shipping fees are charged on weight as laid out By EMS Express, TNT Express or Hong Kong Post. The total shipping fees will be calculated by adding the shipping weight for each individual item. Your "Order" Screen will display the shipping cost before you complete the transaction so you can view and accept them.
  11. Can I have an order delivered on a weekend?

    Algogo does not currently provide delivery service on Saturday or Sunday. If there is an emergency, contact us and we will work with you. Please note: (additional fees and charges may apply).
  12. What should I do if I have received the wrong item of the order?

    If you have received the wrong item, please contact us right away. Under the 14 days satisfaction guarantee, we will ship the correct item to you after getting the return of the original item. We will be in charge of the return and reshipping fee.
  13. Is there a minimum quantity I have to buy?

    Our minimum is only 1 of any items. There is no minimum dollar amount you need to buy.
  14. How is about if I buy 2 units or more about the items?

    If you buy 2 pcs or more, we will offer you discount. To offer great discount, minimum quantity of 10 is required.
  15. Are the pictures on your website the exact items I am ordering?

    Yes, Algogo strives to provide accurate images of all products sold on its site. Please refer to our product descriptions for further information on color, size, and style.
  16. Is my personal information kept private?

    Sure, we are committed to keeping your personal information private. We will not sell or transfer any of your personal or business data or transaction records to the third parties. See our privacy statement for details.
  17. How do I cancel an order?

    We ships the items quickly to ensure your satisfaction. If your order has been prepared for shipment or is in transit, you will not be able to cancel your order. Therefore, you must take prompt actions to do it.
  18. How can I get a printed catalog?

    We do not print a catalog because we use the Internet as our virtual catalog. We add new products every week and take off discontinued or sold out items, so if we printed a paper catalog, it would be out of date within a week.
  19. Are all your merchandise listed on your website?

    Yes, but if you are looking for a specific product or product line that you would like us to carry, we encourage you to let us know by e-mailing us . We will do every efforts to help you .
  20. How can I search for a specific product?

    Keyword Search -- Allows you to search for products by typing in a keyword on the upper left side on the website. If you are having trouble getting the search results you want, you may consider the following search tips:
    • Try different search words because there are many words to describe the products for which you are searching.
    • Rather than being too specific, be a little more general.
    • Shorten the number of words in the search box to 1 or 2 words.
    • Advanced Search -- If you get more results than you care to page through, you can refine your results by using the Advanced Search.
  21. Do you offer insurance for your products?

    Most of our products can offer insurance especially those of heavy weight, such as Digital electronic products, monitor...etc. The insurance is essentially required for you.
  22. Why do you need my address / phone #?

    We use your address as part of the process of delivering products that you purchase directly (rather than as gifts). We need your phone number in the event we are delivering product to you, as EMS & TNT require them in case there are delivery issues. In addition, we can use your phone number as a contact-of-last resort in the event we have difficulties with your order, and are not able to contact you via e-mail.


Shipping FAQ

  1. Do you ship orders to my country?

    Absolutely sure! Algogo is an online digital electronic product seller that serves customers worldwide. Over the years, we have shipped orders to over 100 countries in the world. No matter who and where you are, we looks forward to offering you our top-quality products and services
  2. How long do you deliver the item to my country?

    Normally, it would take 5-10 days of delivery to your country
  3. What shipping carrier(s) do my orders send by?

    We ship our order(s) with EMS, TNT Express , DHL or Hong Kong Post office. We do NOT ship by UPS or FedEx at the moment, but are considering to include them in the future.
  4. Do you arrange the combined shipment for more items?

    Yes, of course, we can combine shipping of several items and send in single shipment.
  5. How do I get the tracking number about my item?

    Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email to the address you have provided us within 24 hours with the tracking information. If you need more information on your order, please contact us via email or by MSN for assistance.
  6. How to check the status about the products after getting the tracking number?

    You may locate the following website to check the status about your products:
    By EMS Express: http://www.ems.com.cn/english-main.jsp
    By TNT Express: http://www.tnt.com/
    By Hong Kong Post: http://www.hongkongpost.com

    Or you can check your countries Post office web site for the status.

  7. What do I do if my order is late?

    If the expected delivery time listed with your choice of shipping has expired, and tracking information does not help, please contact us immediately. Your order may be late because no one was available to accept delivery. If you are not present when a delivery is attempted, the carrier will make a second attempt, and often a third. If delivery is still not made, the shipment will be returned to our warehouse. You must report to us any undelivered order within 25 days of the date you placed the order.
  8. Why isn’t tracking number found on the EMS or TNT FedEx website?

    Though valid, the shipper will not have any record of these tracking numbers until they have been delivered and incorporated into their on-line database. Also, sometimes multiple tracking numbers are reserved in anticipation of a given order, while combining packaging allows for fewer actual boxes at shipping time. This will result in "dummy" numbers which will never appear on the shipper’s site. Should the tracking number continue to fail to appear, contact us by email for further assistance.


Return, Refund FAQ


  1. Can I return the merchandise and get a refund?

    You can return the item to us in original packaging for the 14 days money back guarantee.
    We will perform inspection and process refund accordingly. Alternatively, we will exchange another one to you . See our return policy.
  2. What should I do if there are some missing or damaged parts in the package?

    Please check carefully if there are missing or damaged parts upon receipt. We try our best to make sure that the parts are nice and good before we pack and ship. But if you find something missing or damaged indeed, please inform us within 7 days of your receipt by email, we will do our utmost to help you!
  3. How do I know all the products you sell on the website?

    It is so easy , you may use the browse function on the upper left panel where the item is categorized or use the search function.
  4. How do I solve it when I receive the defective item?

    When you received the item defective, please email us to make sure it is genuinely something wrong, I will offer you some suggestions to help you to test the item. We will offer exchange if the item is totally defective. See our return policy
  5. Do I need to bear the return shipping or postage charges?

    If the returned item is confirmed defective or damaged, we will bear the return postage and reimburse the relevant amount by sending the amount to your PayPal account ONLY. Please also note that we will only be responsible for the regular Air Mail shipping cost of the replacement item. Alternatively, we will offer you the items (including shipping fee) valued equal to the reimbursement.
  6. Which address do I return the defective item to you ?

    If you suspect the item is totally defective, you can send the item back by AIR MAIL in original package box, we will inspect the item returned before replacement of another item. Our return Address is Name: Adan (Smart Logic) Rm 608, 6/F., EconomicBuilding, Huaqiang road, Futian, Shenzhen, China. Please inform us your shipping tracking no after shipped
  7. How to settle it when the item arrived with damaged?

    Yes, for the damaged item, if not thoroughly collapsed, please email us which parts are not working, we will rearrange shipment about the parts for free.
  8. Can I just send it back without contacting you?

    No. We are always here to help, but we cannot accept a situation we know nothing about. Please inform us first by email. Therefore , products returned without notice will be rejected, and shipped back to you at your cost.


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