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HP Pavilion DV9000 DV9700 DV9800 461068-001 Intel Motherboard Laptop Notebook

2.50 LBS
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Product Description


  • Condition: Used-Very good, TESTED & 100% WORKING in perfect condition
  • Part number: 461068-001
  • This is 100% original part pulled from a working laptop
  • For Intel Core2Duo CPU, nVidia Geforce go 8600 display with 256MB video memory, 2 x SATA HDD plug, 2 x USB ports on board, 1 x 1394 firewire plug, 1 x expansion slot, card reader, Web-Cam support, Intel i965GM chipset, HDMI ready




HP Compaq Pavilion DV9700 Series
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HP Compaq Pavilion DV9800 Series
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HP Compaq Pavilion DV9900 Series
HP Compaq Pavilion dv9900 CTO, dv9901tx, dv9903ca, dv9904ca, dv9905el, dv9907ca, dv9908ca, dv9910ca, dv9910eb, dv9910us, dv9912nr, dv9913cl, dv9914el, dv9917cl, dv9920ed, dv9920us, dv9922us, dv9924ca, dv9925ez, dv9925nr, dv9927cl, dv9930eb, dv9930ef, dv9930us, dv9933ca, dv9933cl, dv9934ca, dv9935eb, dv9940eg, dv9940ej, dv9940er, dv9950ef, dv9950ek, dv9950er, dv9950es, dv9960eb, dv9960ew, dv9970eb, dv9970ef, dv9970em, dv9975ef, dv9980ef, dv9980ei, dv9999us, dv9933nr


Package includes

1 x  HP DV9000 Motherboard (CPU, Memory NOT included)



Warranty Information

30 Days warranty

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